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Diana Farrington

Republican Candidate


State Representative

Michigan's 30th House District

Utica, Sterling Heights

& Shelby Township



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As a State Representative,  mother, and former small business owner I am like many of you.  I want all of our children to attend safe schools, and I want an economic climate that provides better job opportunities and a better income for our families. I have raised two sons, one serving in our military, the other starting a family of his own in Michigan. 


Along with my husband Jeff I started a business, growing it to over 20 co-workers while experiencing the ups and downs of small business ownership.  I have met tens of thousands of residents in our district while serving as your State Representative. 


Jobs, roads, schools, taxes, safety; I listen and am your voice for these issues in our state government. I work hard to understand the issues, listen to the various perspectives and diligently work to come to the best solution possible for many issues facing our community today.


It has been an honor to serve as your State Representative over the past two years, and I am eager to continue working toward a better Michigan.




During my time in the State of Michigan House of Representatives I have not missed a day or a single vote on the State House Floor. I am committed to being accountable and making a stand for my constituents!




Michigan roads are in bad shape. Macomb roads are in horrible shape. This crisis is not new, it is the product of decades of under-funding one of the most critical assets we have in Michigan. I am dedicated to reversing this trend. As your State Representative, I have proudly supported budgets that include more money for roads than ever before. I have also introduced legislation that would send a portion of our tobacco tax revenue directly to the road fund.


These actions are a step in the right direction, but they are not a solution. Legislators shouldn’t sit back and be satisfied with the progress that we have made. Southeast Michigan Legislators must ban together to fix a broken road funding system where we overspend on roads in rural areas and under-fund heavily traveled areas like Mound Road. We must also make sure that when we reconstruct our roads, we are taking that opportunity to look at the drains, wiring and infrastructure underneath. Reconstructing a road is expensive enough, we must do it right the first time.



Living on a fixed income is a difficult thing to do. With prices always going up, you are required to carefully plan and stick to your budget in order to avoid falling into a financial hole. When the pension tax was implemented in 2011, it took most of those plans and threw them out the window.


If you are receiving a pension, or currently earning a pension, you deserve ALL of that pension. That's why I am helping to sponsor legislation that would repeal the pension tax.



Michigan families shouldn’t have to choose between putting food on the table and paying for auto insurance. Our system is broken, and run-away premiums have caused Michigan to have the highest auto insurance rates in the country. 


You should have more options when choosing auto insurance. If you can’t afford to pay for unlimited benefits, then you shouldn’t have to. If you are comfortable with purchasing a lower level of coverage for a cheaper premium, you should be able to. I supported a bill that would increase your options and guarantee lower rates.



Opioid abuse continues to be a main concern in our state. Macomb County has struggled with this issue for over a decade. Drug related deaths are increasingly claiming the lives of our children, parents, veterans, friends and family members, and changes have to be made if we are ever going to tackle this epidemic. 

As your Representative, I have supported efforts to educate young people in the classroom about the risks of prescription drug abuse and improve access to treatment programs for individuals suffering from opioid addiction. 



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